We have been on sailing every 1/2 years for the past twenty years. This is how we first started and what we have done over the years

We started on a villa flotilla holiday. As we had never even been on a yacht before we also purchased a 4-day learn to sail package. Our children were 7 and 10 years old and whilst we were learning how to sail our children were left in the charge of the tour operators Nanny and they had a great time playing with other children but being well supervised, having sun cream applied, taken for meals etc. 

During our 4-days learning to sail we were shown everything we needed to know to enable us to sail on our own with the children the second week, namely how to raise and use the sails, how to anchor, how to dock, a little about finding our way about, how to tie on fenders etc.  The were four adults to each teacher and we spent most of the day sailing and getting the feel for sailing and the conditions.  These same courses are still arranged by Nielson sailing and we learnt at Nidri which is still used.

We had a great second week and managed perfectly adequately after our training. The children also had a great time. Whilst the sailing was a bit boring for them they enjoyed the lunch time stops and particularly enjoyed arriving a t a different port each afternoon.  They would get the dingy out and swim and play with other children that were on other boats.


Flotilla sailing is very enjoyable.  There would be a 'crew' boat which had a skipper, an engineer and a hostess.  Every morning all the flotilla skippers would meet and be given a briefing by the crew skipper who would tell us the port we should be at that night, with any problems and swimming stops enroute.  We could then leave at any time thereafter and sometimes we would see other flotilla boats during the day and sometimes we would not.  The skipper would also assist with departures and arrival at the next port and any pickles we would get in. 

We always enjoyed the ports we visited. They were usually very attractive. The hostess would normally greet us and tell what arrangements had been made for that evening, if any, and advise where the showers, shops, bakers, taverners etc were. We would often have a walk around the village and get any further provisions. Meals at taverners were usually enjoyable and often enhanced as we may well meet others from our flotilla and we always had a lot to discuss about what had happened during the day.

The final day was a regatta and with prize giving over a group meal when there would also be a lot to recall over an eventful


We have been on lots of Flotilla holidays since, all booked through Transit Management. We have sailed in various parts of Greece , Turkey, Yugoslavia, Croatia, and the Virgin Isles. They all have there own good points.

The Pula region of Yugoslavia we found too commercial and every night would be at a marina. It was very pleasant sailing around Croatian islands. Turkey I enjoyed and it was sometimes a bit remote. Greece has always been my favorite.

We were concerned that it would be too hot on a boat in the Virgin Isles but it was fine. It was easier sailing here as usually you would be on a mooring or in a Marina and the winds were very steady

We now go bare boating and this year we went to Kos and sailed up to Patmos and back.

The winds were brisk. It takes a while to get used to boat and its quirks after a year ashore and if winds are brisk on the first day it makes life interesting.

The winds were 3/4 to start off with so we took advantage of that and motored North so that sailing would be easy thereafter. The next day it was windless.  After that the wind got up and was a steady 5 then 6 and then 7.  One day we stayed in port which we enjoyed and all ferries were cancelled that day. The sailing was great and we enjoyed all the ports but more and more the further North we went.                       -7/2003


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