Car Rental Madeira

On a holiday to Madeira we hired a car at the airport through Europcar. We had three issues with this car rental company

1) We were asked at the desk which fuel option we required.  As we intended to do a lot of driving we opted to prepay the initial tank of fuel.  This was a mistake. We were given a diesel car and despite travelling all over the island every day for a week we only managed to use half a tank of fuel.  When the car was returned they said they would refund half a tank of fuel.  I am still waiting for my credit card to be credited accordingly

2) The first car we were offered had multiple dents and scratches.  We asked for a different car and this also had scratches and the parcel shelf was broken etc.  The third car was fine, but it took over 30 minutes to sort out.

3) When you return the car your agreement is endorsed by the staff and you then have to go to the terminal to close the agreement.  You then have to join a long, slow moving queue which has both people wishing to collect cars which takes 10 minutes per person and those returning cars which takes 30 seconds and is totally unnecessary.

Driving around Madeira is very enjoyable and you can get to anywhere on the island on good roads and reasonably quickly.  One tip.  Make sure before you drive off that you know where the car headlight switches are.  Although you may be starting in bright sunny weather, the road from the airport to Funchal goes through a series of tunnels.  If you go hurtling into a tunnel at 70mph and the tunnel has bends in and the tunnels lights have failed you are likely not to leave the tunnel alive!  It is pitch black

When I have rented cars from I have never had any of these problems


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