Nov 2003

When we stepped out of the aircraft we found the weather cool and windy.  From this poor start the weather improved over the next three days and we enjoyed 4 perfect days with temperatures in the upper 70's.

We went on this holiday with a view to walking many of the walks in the Sunflower books. Contact Transit Management Ltd for info on car hire, how to get there, hotels,  etc Generally the walks were good and the directions easy to follow but it was hot and we cut most of the walks short and spent the rest of day on a beach which were very nice with warm sea. South coast beaches are the best. We did the following walks:

No 5: Drove to Haria and found a taxi waiting in the road outside the church square to take us to the restaurant Los Helechos but there was not always a taxi. Think we were lucky. The walk down the hill was the best bit. We did the rest of the walk as it was a cool day but there was nothing particularly good about the two valleys and you must cut across between the two inland. No sea views.

No 13: Looked at Salinas first then parked along a rough road south of the and walked along the coast. It was very rough sea crashing onto cliffs. Would have been nicer on a calm day then you can walk along the rocks.

No 15: With the guide. 3 hrs altogether. This needs to be booked in advance and is a one way walk but, as there are two groups going in opposite directions, the guides swop van keys half way, so you only walk one way. If you can't get on this walk you can do the coast trail "Ruta del Litoral" without a guide. Our guide said it is best to start at the Playa de la Madera and just walk as far as you want then go back same way as its much the same all along. Sunflower book Page 118.

After our guided walk we drove from the Visitor Centre to the park entrance which is a bit further down the same road and then went on the coach ride from Islote de Hilario. Very good. Or you could go on a camel ride which starts at Camel Station marked on map.

No: 4: We did not do this properly. Went to Maguez Then took the little side road that went uphill (steep) towards La Pescosa and parked car by the round building. It would have been a long hot walk to there. Walked on dotted route to Los Helechos and back. This was our best walk. Hope you go up there as if you do you will find something to your advantage that we have left hidden for you just past the highest point and too the right. Good luck.

Went on to look at the start of Walk No 2. You might want to do it. We didn't! It looked very strenuous.

No: 14 This is the walk up the volcano that overlooks Cost Teguise. We did this walk on our last day because it was near the hotel and because it was there. Great views from the top but a bit tricky coming down as the way is steep, not clear and a bit slippery in parts which must make it tricky in a windy day. In the afternoon we went to the Agriculture Museum near Tiagua which was good and then the beach.


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