October 2002

Bermuda is a lovely English speaking island, alone in the middle of the Atlantic. It is in fact five islands connected by bridges. Although often thought of as being part of the Caribbean it is not in fact as it is further North. It is very tropical with all the ground being covered with thick lush green vegetation.

It has a wonderful climate not getting too hot in the summer (high season) or not getting cold in the winter. 

The main impression is that it is very clean and affluent. There is no litter anywhere and everything is very tidy. Unlike the Caribbean houses are brick built and often painted pink. The roofs of houses are always painted white.  That is because they are made from the local rock, which is porous limestone, and painting them makes them non-porous.  Rainfall is captured and directed into the water tank which all houses have in the basement.

Cruises are important source of income to Bermuda.  They depart East coast USA eg New York or Boston at the weekend and stay 3/4 days at Bermuda and then return.  There are 5 large ships in Bermuda during the week.


It is not possible to hire self drive cars.

Taxis Lots and not too expensive

Self Drive mopeds. Very popular with users but in the summer there are several accidents a day 

Buses - Frequent.  16 routes and the major routes operate every 12 minutes during weekdays

Ferries. Run to published timetables and are a very pleasant way to travel.  The route from Hamilton to Dockyard and St George is operated by new Catamarans which are fast, comfortable and quiet.

Ferries and Bus timetables can be obtained from hotels or Hamilton ticket offices  as can tickets which can be us3ed on both Bus and Ferry. Tickets cost $2.50/$4.50 a journey or 1 day pass $11 3 Day pass $25 and 7 day pass $36.  All must be purchased before boarding or pay correct value with coins only

Beaches Superb Lots of beaches  around some big, some small.  Well known large ones are Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Beach. Some are more sheltered than others.  If there are big waves it might be wise to swim with others around as the waves can be strong.

For info on how to travel to Bermuda contact Transit Management


The island is rich in history because of its strategic location in the days of sailing ships. It is very well documented in museums around the island


Several lovely courses green fees range from $50 - $100. Carts recommended but some courses you are required to stick to tracks


Bermuda had a railway line that ran its entire length. The railway was pulled up years ago and it is now a Trail.  We walked two sections and found it disappointing.  The walks are shady but because the vegetation on both sides has grown so tall there were no views.

Walking along the roads is not pleasant.  The roads are busy but narrow and with no pavements.


Many hotels have tennis courts

Places to see

There are many museums (take your National Trust Card) in the three main towns

Dockyard - St Georges - Hamilton

Botanical Gardens, Verdant House, Spital Pond


We felt very safe here. The population is about 40,000 and everyone seems to know each other therefore if a person is seen committing a crime he would be known.

Down side

Prices are very expensive

Lack of walks

The island is small 10 - 12 days stay would be enough for most people



Visit Bermuda -it is really very nice.

St Georges

One of many forts

A Ferry

Bus outside Swizzel Inn


Flatts Bridge

Verdant House (Nat Trust)

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